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Educational Policy and OpenCourseWare


The OpenCourseWare Consortium’s fifth annual conference will take place in Hanoi, Vietnam from 5-7 May, 2010.  This conference will bring together educators, administrators, policy makers and other interested participants to examine the capacity of OpenCourseWare to effect large-scale educational improvement worldwide.  The conference will focus on the uses and potential uses of OpenCourseWare around the world. 


OpenCourseWare infrastructure supports overlapping goals in education.  These include strengthening curricula, improving educational systems, training teachers, bridging the gap between secondary and higher education, developing an effective workforce, and promoting life-long learning.  OpenCourseWare provides a stable yet easily adaptable platform for collaboration among education, government and business sectors towards the achievement of common objectives.


temple of literature

CC BY "Vietnam '08 - 06 - Temple of Literature" by mckaysavage


The conference will be organized into three main subthemes:


Building OpenCourseWare  

This subtheme will explore the creation of OpenCourseWare infrastructure and projects.  Presentations in this track could discuss technology, intellectual property issues, gaining the support of institutions and individuals, staffing OCW projects, and other topics relevant to starting or enhancing OpenCourseWare projects.


Using OpenCourseWare as a platform 

Once OpenCourseWare infrastructure has been created, institutions and agencies are using it to achieve goals across the education sector.  Current and potential uses of OpenCourseWare include improving instructional quality, public-private partnerships, OCW for public education needs, renewal of skills for the 21st century workforce, etc. 


Sustaining OpenCourseWare

In order to realize the transformational potential of OpenCourseWare, its future must be secured through its integration into educational plans.  This track will allow participants to discuss strategies for long-term sustainability of OCW projects, including funding, revenue, insuring support by institutional decision makers, and integration into policy, as well as looking at innovations that improve discoverability and usefulness to OCW users, technology developments, and interoperability of projects.




May 05-07, 2010


Melia Hanoi

Hanoi, Hanoi

Call for Participation

Opens Dec. 24, 2009

Closes Feb. 15, 2010

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Closes May. 07, 2010

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